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Rhino Deck Solid

Rhino Deck End Sealer

Use our Rhino Deck End Board Sealer on all ends of the boards to reduce exposure to the elements.          


We offer 4 sealer color options to coordinate with our Armadillo, Armadillo Lite and Rhino Decking.

Armadillo - Canyon Gray and Driftwood
Armadillo Lite - Coyote
Rhino Deck - Barnwood Gray

RED/BROWN: for use with
Armadillo - Rustic Red and Tumbleweed
Armadillo Lite - Vintage Slate and Tortoise 
Rhino Deck - Chestnut and Acorn Brown

CEDAR: for use with
Armadillo - Painted Desert and Foxtail
Armadillo Lite - Saguaro

CLEAR: for use with all colors

Product Information

ItemItem #Pack
3 oz Can with Swab - Gray 89003 6
3 oz Can with Swab - Red/Brown 89103 6
3 oz Can with Swab - Cedar 89203 6
3 oz Can with Swab - Clear 89303 6